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The Dangers of Chlorine in Our Drinking Water

Dangers of Chlorine in Our Drinking Water. Chloramine is a chemical that is added to drinking water to kill germs and is also added to swimming pools. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is regulating the maximum amount of chlorine allowed

Recently I have noticed drinking water from the tap tastes a lot like swallowing a gulp full of pool water. It’s horrible. This is at two different locations with two different water companies. I feel like I need to buy more water so we can actually drink it.

And not only do we pay for water, but we all also pay for upkeep and improvements to their systems. I don’t charge patients extra to replace my stim machine or computers; it’s the cost of doing business? How did we get rooked into that?

Anyway, if you remember Aquafina, a Pepsi product, recently admitted their high-priced water was … tap water. Not ultra-purified with ultrasonic light beams from Mars. Hose water. So even finding healthy bottled water appears to be a separate task that has to be investigated. Does anyone care what’s on our shelves? (10 Things We Eat That was Banned ElsewhereCosmetic Items Banned, But Not In the USA)

Apparently not. The Government keeps yelling at us because we’re fat and unhealthy yet they continue to let these poisons remain on our shelves. Nice. Thanks, EPA, Lobbyists, and Politicians.

So what’s so bad about a little chlorine? Well first off chlorine is used to help keep our water safe. It kills micro-organisms like e-Coli, coliform, and cryptosporidium so we don’t get an upset stomach, diarrhea, flu-like symptoms, headaches, cramps, or vomiting. However, high levels of chlorine pose a confirmed health risk.

If a pool is over-chlorinated you can tell. It stinks; your eyes burn, you’ll have difficulty breathing, and even your mouth and nose may become irritated and burn.

With dedicated swimmers they will experience greater exposure time and the chlorine will be absorbed through their skin and into their blood

This is like many of the sunscreens we use to prevent skin cancer that use KNOWN carcinogens to block the Sun’s rays, which then work their way into our bloodstream so your Cancer risks are greater. Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide are the safest sunscreens for us. The shirts are even better.

Excessive chlorine exposure can cause asthma and asthma-like symptoms with repeated exposure according to Mary Pohlmann, assistant professor of clinical medicine at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

– Dr. Jay M. Lipoff-: The dangers of chlorine in our drinking water

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