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Treating water-color with Ozone

Ozone is very effective in destructing the hydrocarbons, which create color, and is widely used in different applications where color has to be removed or made less noticeable. The important thing is to establish how much ozone is required to destroy the color and what is the best and most economical way to do so in your particular application.

water treatment before-after

Many factors will determine the amount of ozone required to Treat watercolour. such as the amount of water, water flow or size of the water storage tank, bio-load, water hardness, temperature, etc…

It is common to run a scaled-down pilot on some sidestream for the exact size of the system calculation. This will enable us to proportionally calculate the exact size of the ozone system and see how effective ozone works in your application.

This way, you completely minimize the risk to the price of the small pilot system, which is typically considered R&D work and is subsidized by most governments worldwide.

Typically, you inject ozone into your water using a venturi injector, and at the right concentration, ozone can lower your color to the required level.

At any stage, we will provide comprehensive technical assistance with system design, installation, commissioning, and optimization, completely free of charge to assure that you have a successful application.

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