Food Processing & Storage Applications:

Food Processing & Storage

Ozone Grain & Feed Disinfection

Food manufacturers and grain operators face challenges with pesticide resistance and a rise in demand for organic grains, which has led to the need for alternative methods to control insects, pathogens, and pests in stored commodities. One potential solution is ozone, which can inactivate pathogens and microorganisms, kill storage pests and degrade mycotoxins.

ozone bottling water

Ozone for Dairy

The micro-organisms adhered to the milk contact surface are hard to destroy. Ozone is a safe, cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to chloride-based sanitizers, Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent active against a wide range of micro-organisms and is effective for biofilm removal.

ozone fruit-veggie

Ozone Fruit & Vegetable Disinfection

Fruits and vegetables are highly susceptible to spoilage microorganisms. The fruit and vegetable industry can use the ozone system to destroy pathogenic microbes and spoilage microbes, mycotoxins. Also, ozone technology can break pesticide and chemical residues. Food items with ozone as a disinfectant have a much longer shelf life.

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Wine & Beer

Breweries encounter difficulties maintaining their equipment and pipelines clean due to the high energy consumption and expenses related to hot water and cleaning chemicals usage. Additionally, chloride remains and by-products can adversely affect the product’s quality. Ozone for Wine & Beer is an excellent alternative to address these challenges. It provides multiple applications, such as barrel washing, equipment and surface sanitization, clean-in-place (CIP) process, tank cleaning, and transfer piping in the wine industry, efficiently solving these issues.

ozone meat disinfection

Ozone Food Safety & sanitization

Ozone can destroy various strains of bacteriophages and a wide range of viruses, making it a potent antimicrobial substance due to its strong oxidizing capacity. The food industry can utilize Ozone for surface disinfection, sanitation of food plant equipment, pipelines, and other disinfection applications.

ozone meat disinfection

Ozone for Cold Rooms

Cold rooms are one of the most common methods for preserving fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. However, cold storage is expensive and energy intensive. In addition, it does not destroy microorganisms either. The use of ozone for cold rooms is an excellent alternative since, unlike ozone, it inactivates microorganisms in fresh products, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, and many other food products.

ozone meat disinfection

Ozone Meat Poultry & Fish Disinfection

Our customers often ask us if ozone can be used in their meat, poultry, or fish sanitizing process and if ozone will work efficiently and economically.
The answer is simple. Because ozone is the strongest and fastest active oxidizer commercially available today, it will work in any application where other sanitizers have been used, only faster and cheaper—making the whole process not only efficient but also environmentally friendly.