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How to Select the Most Effective and Economic Ozone System

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I am often asked if Absolute Ozone® uses cold plasma technology to produce ozone.

Let us begin with the fact that all generators on the market use the same basic technology to produce ozone gas: Two cylindrical or flat electrodes (ceramic or quartz) as dielectric, and oxygen gas is the second portion of the dielectric. Hence, all the technology names (cold plasma, corona discharge, etc.) are just different names for the same principle. These fancy names are mainly for marketing purposes but are irrelevant to the ozone system selection.

From the customer’s point of view, only the following parameters are essential in selecting the most effective and economical Ozone System:


    How many ozone generators per thousand come with manufacturing defects? Absolute Ozone® has less than 3 per thousand that fail.


    How many components for the generator have to be replaced in 1, 5, or 10 years of use? Also, how many times does the generator have to be repaired? Absolute Ozone® generators are designed to work for over 20 years without any service or spare parts. We have many generators in the field operational for over 20 years.


    Can you locally repair the ozone generator? Absolute Ozone® generators do not require service, and most parts are not fielded serviceable. In other words, any electronic technician with no specific training could replace all parts and components in the field.


    How easy is it to receive support? How long does it last, and how much does it cost? Absolute Ozone® provides free support for customer applications, sizing, tuning, troubleshooting, and system optimization. Unmatched by any other ozone company.


    Absolute Ozone® generators offer one of the best 5-year of warranty.


    A smaller ozone generator is less expensive to ship and install as you do not need forklifts or many workers to carry the equipment. Absolutes Ozone® produces the most compact and lightweight ozone generators in the industry.


    Unfortunately, most ozone generator manufacturers exaggerate their performance or measure it while the generator is still cold and does not reach the operating temperature.

    So, when buying a 30 g/h ozone generator, you can get a generator that produces only 24-28 g/h or less at a specified ozone concentration. Absolute Ozone® guarantees ozone production. Furthermore, in the unlikely event that the generator does not perform according to specifications, Absolute Ozone® will replace it or refund the money to the customer.


    It is essential to consider the amount of ozone that can dissolve in your water or gas flow per hour when purchasing and operating a generator for the purpose of treating water or killing viruses and microorganisms. This will also determine how much ozone you can get for every dollar spent.


    A significant and frequently neglected fact in the ozone industry is that not all ozone a generator produces can dissolve in water. Indeed, the laws of physics and Henry’s Law of dissolving gases in liquids, in a nutshell, dictate that the higher the ozone concentration, the more ozone you can dissolve in water. Further, I will gladly assist you if you want to learn more about science on this subject. You should be aware that for the past 150 years, no one has been able to deny the truth of these principles, which have been repeatedly demonstrated.


Ozone Conc Amount of Ozone Dissolved From Total Produced
1% wt ~10% Maximum for dry air fed air-cooled ozone generators
3% wt ~20 – 30% Over 90% of all ozone generator manufacturers work in this range, including Pacific Ozone, Del Ozone, Clear Water, etc.
5-7% wt ~50 – 70% Absolute Ozone® typical NanoAtlasMagnum generator performance, and just a few other generators
8-10% wt ~80 – 90% Absolute Ozone® Atlas 30 performance, plus most good quality water-cooled generators
10-14% wt ~95% Atlas 30C and Atlas 30 at low flows and the best quality large-size water-cooled generators
14-22% wt ~97% w and Atlas 30 at low gas flows and just a few water-cooled ozone generators.

We used cold water and, for injection, a correctly tuned Venturi injector.

Many ozone generator manufacturers would disappear if customers knew this information. Consequently, forcing them to stop making substandard ozone generators or to start making much more expensive, high-performing ozone generators.

Remember that most ozone generator manufacturers lie in their advertisements about their generators’ poor performance. For example, Pacific Ozone says that their ozone generators work at 5-8%wt. However, we could not get higher than 2.7%wt when we tested a few of them.

Unlike Absolute Ozone®, none of the North American and Asian ozone generator manufacturers guarantee their generator’s performance. They could lie as much as they want in their specifications and cheat their customers. Please send me any ozone generator specification on the market that you think is performing better than absolute ozone generators. I will show you how well it performs, and you will be surprised how much money you can save.

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Misha Shifrin Application Engineer

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