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ALD 2000 Flood prevention device


To prevent serious damage to the ozone generator and to protect your investment, do not install an ozone generator without an ALD 2000 device. (If water is present in your application)

Note: Non-return valves (check valves) do not provide 100% protection to the ozone generator and could fail within a short period of time causing extensive damage. ALD 2000 has to be regularly checked and serviced.

  • Model: ALD 2000 Flood Prevention Device
  • Connection Sizes: 1/4” or 3/8” NPT
  • Body Material: Stainless Steel 304 (Body), SS 316 (Internal/Fittings)
  • PMO Max Operating Pressure: 400PSIG
  • Max Operating Temperature: 500F @ 400PSIG
  • Prevents water damage
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Prolongs service life of Generator
  • Compact design allows for easy integration
  • Strong function – high performance – low price

The ALD 2000 contains a stainless steel float and hardened stainless steel seat and disc to drain out liquids from pressurized ozone systems without the loss of pressured gas.

The ALD 2000 should be installed after the ozone generator and flow meter on the ozone line before the injection point to prevent vacuum from backing up the water into the ozone generator


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