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Today everyone is familiar with the consequences of viral infections in our society. On top of all other ways of virus transmission, airborne transmission is one of the more common. Small aerosol droplets can travel long distances and stay in the air long before people inhale them.

Viral infections can be caused by exposure in numerous indoor public spaces, like hospitals, cruise ships, schools, daycare centers, restaurants, and public transportation. Many studies showed multiple viruses’ presence virtually in any public place, including influenza, rhinovirus, coronavirus, adenovirus, enterovirus, respiratory syncytial virus, etc.

Ozone technology significantly reduces or even completely removes airborne viruses, bacteria, spores, and many other contaminants from the air.

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Ozone Generators are increasingly being used in HVAC systems to improve air quality. Ozone Generators in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems are an economical and green solution to remove indoor impurities and volatile organic compounds, thus improving indoor air quality.

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Odors from biofuel facilities have a high impact, especially when the project is close to residents. Disagreeable odors are often the cause of complaints from people putting pressure on government authorities, even leading to plant closures.

Ozone in higher concentrations reacts with most of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) destroying or oxidizing them at the same time removing the smell created by these compounds in the air.

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Soil remediation by ozonation is recognized as one of the most promising systems. Ozone can directly interact with the existing compounds, or decompose the adsorbed contamination and convert them into non-toxic compounds

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