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Safety Advantages of Ozone

These are some of the safety advantages of ozone and the main reason why is the alternative for many Industrial and Commercial applications

  • Ozone is not stored in bulk on-site
  • There are no harmful residuals that need to be removed after ozonation because ozone decomposes rapidly.
  • The catastrophic large-scale release is not likely because ozone is produced on-demand and generator shutdown stops ozone supply
  • Ozone is not explosive or flammable
  • Leaks are identifiable – repaired when they occur

Health Hazards of Ozone

Depending on the concentration, exposure to ozone can result in immediate or chronic health problems, in high enough concentration, even death

Ozone Concentration (ppm)Duration of exposureEffect
0.01Odor threshold
0.1Minor eye, nose, and throat irritation
0.1-0.252-5 hoursHeadache, dry cough, and some reduction in lung function
0.32 hoursReduction in lung function during moderate work for all persons
more than 0.62 hoursChest pain
11-2 hoursLung irritation (coughing) severe fatigue
1.52Reduce ability to think clearly; continuing cough and extreme fatigue may last for two weeks; severe lung irritation and pulmonary edema
9IntermittentSevere pneumonia
1115 minRapid unconsciousness
5030 minExpected to be fatal
Exposure levelExposure limite
0.05 ppmMaximum Allowable concentration averaged over an eight-hour period for heavy work
0.08 ppmMaximum Allowable concentration averaged over an eight-hour period for moderate work
0.1 ppmMaximum Allowable concentration averaged over an eight-hour period for light work
0.2 ppmMaximum (short-term) exposure limit for light, moderate or heavy work, for less than or equal to 2 hours
10 ppmImmediately Dangerous to Life and Health

Data from “Ozone Manual of Standard Practice”, Workers Compensation Board of British Columbia, 1992

Please contact us now to learn more about the safety advantages of ozone in your particular application

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