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Importance of Quality Feed Gas for Ozone Generation

Feed gas preparation cannot be over-emphasized. Over 90% of all ozone equipment problems are due to poor feed air or oxygen quality.

The problem with using low-quality fed air is that the nitrogen and other impurities reaction produces nitrogen dioxide, nitrous oxide, and nitrogen sulfate. These gases create a salt that, in time, will deteriorate the plasma field’s ability to produce ozone.

For best results with Absolute Ozone generators, we recommend using AirSep Oxygen Generator.

Why do we suggest using 95% oxygen purity?

It is known that ozone is mainly produced through the O2 dissociation as follows.

e + O2 → e + O(3P) + O( 3P) ········(1)

e + O2 → e + O(3P) + O( 1D) ········ (2)

O( 3P)+ O2 + M → O3* + M + O3 + M ········ (3)

M is a third partner for O, O2, or N2. With N2 injection, the existence of N2 in gas mixtures provides additional reaction pathways for ozone generation.

N + O2 → NO + O ········ (4)

N2* + O2 → NO + 2O ········ (5)

N2* + O2 → N2O + O ········ (6)

NO + N2 → N2 + O ········ (7)

The addition of N2 significantly enhances ozone generation through reactions (4–7) by accelerating the production of oxygen atoms.

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