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Canada Sanitizer Approved

In a significant move within the realm of food safety, Canada has recently approved the use of ozone for sanitization purposes in food processing establishments. This approval comes with specific guidelines and protocols aimed at ensuring safe and effective utilization of ozone-generating devices. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of how to implement this approval effectively:

Sanitizing Food Contact Surfaces:

  • Ozone Levels: The use of ozone-generating devices should strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines, maintaining ozone levels in water below 2.5ppm.
  • Pre-Cleaning: Prior to utilizing ozonated water, surfaces must undergo thorough cleaning with an approved detergent, followed by a rinse with potable water.
  • Post-Use: After ozonated water treatment, surfaces should undergo a final rinse with potable water before reuse.

Hand Sanitization for Employees:

  • Ozone Application: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure ozone levels don’t exceed 2.5ppm in water.
  • Hand Preparation: Employees should wash their hands with an approved detergent and rinse thoroughly with potable water before using ozonated water.
  • Post-Sanitization: After using ozonated water, hands should undergo a final rinse with potable water before handling food.

Other Applications and Exemptions:

  • Exempted Products: Certain products, such as cleaners for non-food areas, personal hygiene, and water treatment compounds, don’t require evaluation for use in food processing plants.
  • Labeling and Storage: Proper labeling and strict avoidance of storage or usage in food handling areas are essential for exempted products.

The approval signifies a step forward in ensuring enhanced food safety standards. These guidelines are crucial for safeguarding both consumers and food handlers. Adhering to them meticulously is imperative to guarantee the safe and effective utilization of ozone in food processing environments.

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