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Ozone Purification Facts

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Ozone Purification Facts


Invest in an ozone-purified pool because you should be concerned with your health. With one third of the chlorine of an average pool, an ozone-purified pool is far better for your hair and skin, not to mention your bathing suit. To further enhance the purity of the water, the pool goes through a complete filtration every six hours and the whirlpool every four hours.


The power of ozone

Ozone, O3, is one of the most powerful and effective natural sterilizers and disinfectants known to humans. Ozone, or "activated oxygen," contains three atoms of oxygen rather than two. It is this third atom that makes ozone unstable and gives it power as a sterilant and purifier, because as soon as ozone is released into a polluted environment, the third oxygen atom separates itself from the ozone molecule and attaches itself to the contaminant, neutralizing it and destroying it. Should there be any extra ozone in the area after sterilization is complete, it reverts back to oxygen in approximately 30 minutes.


However, O3 is not equal to ozone. It is when these single ozone molecules combine into larger quantities (10 parts per million (ppm) or higher) that it becomes ozone. It is similar to H2O and water: one single H2O molecule does not equal water. Only when large groups of the H2O molecules combine does it become water.


How does it work?

Because of its instability, once ozone is created, it instantly reacts with other germs, viruses and bacteria in the room. If there are any residual ozone molecules in the room, they automatically revert back to oxygen within 30 minutes. When the O3 molecule is airborne, one of the atoms identifies and attacks the contaminant, thereby destroying any organic matter by oxidation. In doing so, the extra atom of oxygen is destroyed, leaving only O2 or purified oxygen, and the odors and bacteria eliminated.


Ozone is healthy

Ozone leaves no chemical by-products in water

Ozone leaves no chemical taste or smell

Ozone will not burn eyes or make them red or irritated

Ozone will not irritate or dry out skin, nose or ears

Ozone will not discolour or damage hair or clothing

Ozone adds no contaminants or by-products to water

Ozone rids water and air of unhealthy micro-organisms

Ozone is NOT a carcinogen


What does ozone do?

Ozone destroys bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew

Ozone eliminates spores, cysts, yeast and fungus

Ozone oxidizes iron, sulfur, manganese and hydrogen sulfate

Ozone eliminates oils and other contaminants in water

Ozone keeps water clean and sparkling clear

Ozone keeps water fresh


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