residential ozone pool


  • No chlorine smell 
  • Decrease in Chlorine use 
  • Healthier swimming water 
  • Ozone has no toxic or harmful residues in comparison to chlorine which is known to create hazardous by-products
  • Increased Filtration Efficiency 
  • Ozone prevents clogging and increases filter capacity
  • Ozone will prevent eye irritation


Chlorine used to disinfect swimming pools is widely recognized as a health hazard. Research shows that chlorinated pools may have increased risks of developing serious health problems. On the other hand, Ozone is the best, clean, and most economical alternative to chlorine for use in swimming pools. Residential Ozone Pools offer an environmentally friendly and economical alternative for disinfection and sanitization. Ozone is highly effective in degrading or eliminating a wide range of undesired microorganisms. Unlike harmful chemical disinfectants, ozone does not generate harmful by-products. So, the water quality will be safer and healthier.


The use of ozone will be significantly beneficial for you and your family. For example, the water will be much cleaner, which means contaminants will wind up in the filter system much faster than in chlorinated systems. In addition, you will not have the unpleasant smell of chlorine because ozone oxidizes organic and inorganic matter. Also having completely chemical-free residential Ozone Pools is considerably more pleasant and healthier. Ozone can safely prevent the formation of toxic by-products of chlorine, such as chloramines, which are also highly dangerous to health. Plus, the water will be crystal clear and good enough for drinking.

In the long run, the running cost will drop almost to nothing due to the reduced maintenance costs of your pool and the reduction of chemicals and additives. Another benefit is that it won’t need to be maintained. There are no chemicals to administer, chemical testing, PH balancing, no clarifiers, no algaecides, etc.

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