ozone pool


  • No chlorine smell 
  • Healthier swimming water 
  • Ozone has no toxic or harmful residues in comparison to chlorine which is known to create hazardous by-products
  • Increased Filtration Efficiency 
  • Ozone prevents clogging and increases filter capacity
  • Ozone will prevent eye irritation and other health problems

Ozone Pool Calculator

You need to dissolve grams of ozone to achieve a concentration of in your pool.

Note: These are estimated results for residential pools. Actual requirements may vary depending on individual circumstances.

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Chlorine has long been the standard choice for disinfecting commercial pools. However, this chemical can have several drawbacks. For one, it can cause skin and eye irritation in swimmers. Chlorine can also produce harmful by-products that can be hazardous to health. Staff and users exposed to high chemical levels can suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis. For example, exposure to chlorine in pools has been linked to several health risks. A study by Catholic University in Belgium found that nitrogen trichloride (NCI), a by-product of the chemical reaction between ammonia and chlorine, can cause breathing problems in children and increase their risk of lung disease. Chlorine can also cause dental enamel erosion, with higher chlorine levels correlating to more significant enamel erosion. Pregnant women who swim in chlorinated pools may expose their unborn children to harmful chlorine by-products. Additionally, regular swimmers in chlorinated pools may be at greater risk of bladder cancer due to exposure to trihalomethanes (THMs), with a 57 percent greater risk than non-swimmers.

Furthermore, installing and maintaining a chlorine system can be expensive. Not only do pool owners need to purchase the chemicals, but they also need to invest in a plan to manage the chlorine levels. In contrast, ozone systems can be more cost-effective in the long run. While the initial installation cost may be higher, the maintenance costs are lower, and the lifespan of the ozone system is longer than that of a chlorine system.

Another downside of chlorine is that it can cause corrosion in swimming pool equipment and infrastructure, leading to costly repairs, replacements, and pool maintenance. In reaction with nitrogen-containing compounds, chlorine produces chloramines, which accumulate on metal surfaces. Repeated cycles of condensation followed by evaporation cause the accumulation of these aggressive chloride-bearing compounds. These chemicals are responsible for metal corrosion issues near pools. Over time, this corrosion can weaken the structural integrity of the pool and equipment, leading to leaks and other issues. Ozone, conversely, is non-corrosive and does not have the same damaging effects on pool equipment and infrastructure. By using ozone in commercial pools, pool owners can avoid the costs and hassle of corrosion-related repairs and replacements while providing their customers with a safer and more pleasant swimming experience.

Ozone Pool Systems

Ozone pool systems are a popular alternative to traditional chlorine-based disinfection for commercial pools. One of the main advantages of using an ozone generator in a commercial swimming pool is that it helps to improve the pool ozone filtration process. Ozone is a powerful oxidant, breaking down large organic molecules into smaller, more easily filterable particles. This can improve water clarity and reduce strain on the pool’s filtration system.

What is the difference in the technologies? Chlorine is a complex synthetic chemical that found original use in the infamous “mustard gas” of World War I. In contrast, Ozone is a tri-atomic form of oxygen (an unstable gas). It naturally decomposes into oxygen. Ozone is also a very reactive gas that acts as a powerful oxidant.

Another benefit of using an ozone generator in commercial swimming pools is that it can significantly reduce the chemicals required for chlorine pools, resulting in cost savings over time. Additionally, ozone systems produce less irritating water to the eyes, skin, and respiratory system than chlorine-based systems.

Fortunately, Ozone Pools & Parks are an economical and effective alternative to disinfecting pools without having any health risks.

How does an ozone swimming pool system work?

An ozone pool system works by injecting ozone gas into the pool water to kill bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that can cause waterborne illnesses. Ozone is a highly reactive form of oxygen created when regular oxygen molecules (O2) are exposed to ultraviolet light or an electrical discharge by ozone generators.

In an ozone pool system, the ozone gas is generated using an industrial ozone generator, which converts oxygen into ozone. The ozone generators are installed in the pool’s circulation system; the ozone gas is injected into the swimming pool water using a venturi injector. Once in the water, the ozone reacts with and oxidizes any organic matter or microorganisms it comes into contact with, effectively sanitizing the water.

It’s important to note that proper installation and dosage are crucial to ensure safe and effective operation in any ozone pool. Please get in touch with us. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will help with technical assistance with your project.

Benefits of using ozone for swimming pools & parks

The Ozone pool will be much cleaner, which means dirt, grease, oils, organics, and other materials will wind up in the filter system much faster than with chlorinated systems. Part of the problem in adopting an ozone pool is that engineers, architects, pool builders, and designers are unfamiliar with the technology. Technical issues beset several Ozone pools, particularly those built 10-15 years ago. However, with advancements in technology and increased awareness of the benefits of ozone generators, more and more pool builders, engineers, and designers are becoming familiar with ozone generator technology. Air-cooled ozone generators have become popular for commercial pools in recent years. They offer a reliable and efficient way to disinfect pool water without harsh chemicals like chlorine.

Even though ozone systems have been standard in Europe and other regions since the 1950s, pools have predominantly relied on chlorine. This is mainly due to the reluctance of individuals in the industry to embrace change and educate themselves on new methods.


  • There is no chlorine smell because Ozone oxidizes organic and inorganic substances which provide the chlorine odor.
  • Ozone saves money on chemicals in the long term.
  • Healthier swimming water. Also, no toxic or harmful residues.
  • Ozone improves filtration efficacy. Ozonization breaks down large molecules into smaller ones that are easier for the pool filter to break down.

Both types of ozone generators do the same by slicing up the oxygen molecules and producing ozone. However, there are specific differences between them. Firstly, Corona discharge generators have greater concentrations of ozone than UV generators. It is advisable to note the CD generator is a bit cheaper to purchase and install, but it produces less ozone. Maintenance will also vary for each model. Please investigate each option before committing to any particular purchase.


At Absolute Ozone®, we pride ourselves on leading the ozone generation industry. We guarantee the performance of our industrial ozone generator and ensure that it works in your pool. Our commitment to efficiency and reliability is reflected in the low maintenance and limited need for spare parts of our equipment.

We aim to provide a top-of-the-line ozone generation system for your commercial swimming pool, backed by unparalleled customer service and support. By choosing Absolute Ozone®- Ozone Generators, you can reduce the use of chemical products, lower costs, and achieve a successful return on investment for your company.

Our high ozone concentration and innovative treatment system have proven exceptional in the industry, earning the trust of those looking for efficient and reliable ozone generators for their pool needs.

In conclusion, commercial pools and parks can significantly benefit from using an air-cooled ozone generator. Its ability to disinfect pool water effectively, eliminate harsh chemicals, and reduce maintenance makes it an intelligent choice for a safer and more sustainable swimming environment. Absolute Ozone offers a unique opportunity to all of our customers to ensure that our client projects are practical and on budget.

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