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Ozone Water Disinfection Cost – Spend only 0.03 cents/m³ on Your Treated Water


ozone water disinfection costThe government requirement to assure complete water disinfection is 0.2-0.4 ppm of ozone dissolved in water. First, let us accept a target concentration of 0.5 ppm, so there is some contingency. Also, I suggest for the purpose of this calculation of the ozone water disinfection cost a system, which is working in an industrial environment 24/7.

Atlas 30 made by Absolute Ozone® is capable of dissolving in water 20-25 g/h out of 30 g/h produced, as typically ozone concentration of this generator is 8-9% by Wt. Furthermore, in our experiments and information that we got from some of our customers there are even 27g/h of dissolved ozone amounts achieved, however for contingency purposes again, I would use in my calculations only 20 g/h of ozone dissolved.

1 g/h of dissolved ozone in 1 m3/h will create a concentration of 1 ppm or 1 g/m3. So, the 20 g/h will create a concentration of 1 ppm in 20 m3/h or 0.5 ppm in 40 m³/h

We have Absolute Ozone® Generators in the field working without any maintenance, service, or spare parts now for over 17 years. In fact, my inspection of some of these units revealed no deterioration “wear or tear” inside these units and they probably will last another 17 years, as there is no reason for them to stop. However, for the purpose of these calculations, I will use only 20 years of service life. 20 years x 365 days x 24 hours = 175,200 hours (over 20 years)

Atlas 30 consumes less than 250 Watt of power and Oxygen Concentration ~300 Watt an injection pump 45Watt. I will assume that the total power consumption of the ozone system will be 700 Watt to be on the safe side. I understand that electricity costs differently in different states or countries, but I pay 11 cents per 1 KWh.
$11 x 700 = $0.077 US total power cost per hour of the system.

As the system is disinfecting 40 m³/h costing $0.077/h the cost per 1 m3 is $0.077÷40 m³ = $0.001925/m³. As you could see it is not very significant.

The list cost of equipment service and amortization over the period of 20 years from our experience with our customers and published on our website list prices will be:

  • Atlas 30 – $5,300 US
  • Atlas 30 Service – $0
  • AirSep Oxygen – $2,000 US
  • AirSep Service over 20 years – $1,000
  • Grunfos SS pump – $350 US
  • Service – probably $0, but I will add $350 US
  • Accessories, PVC plumbing, Misc. – $500 US
  • Total: $9,600 US

Let us assume that it is $10,000 over the full-service life to be on the safe side.

The total amount of water disinfected over 20 years will be:
40 m3/h x 175,200 hours = 7,008,000 m³

Then, the price of the hardware per 1 m³ of water is:
$10,000 ÷ 7,008,000 m³ = ~$0.0014 US

Total price per 1 m3 power plus hardware amortization and service:
$0.0014 + $0.0019 US = $0.0033 US

If my math is correct and everyone is welcome to verify it, this number is identical to the one I had indicated in my earlier comments the ozone water disinfection cost is
$0.003 or 0.3 cent/m³

All information above is based on facts and could be easily verified by anyone.

We will always be glad to assist further.

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