• Lower costs.
  • Significant reduction of process water consumption.
  • Reducing the amount of wastewater.
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Hydraulic fracturing is a technique in which rock is fractured using a pressurized liquid made of water, sand, and chemicals. The process requires massive amounts of water and chemicals. For example, a single well uses about 24,500 m³ of water and 1,250 m³ of chemicals. Additionally, about 70% of fracking wastewater (FWW) returns to the surface for treatment and harmless disposal. Additionally, air quality can also be degraded during fracking, as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene can be released into the air.

FWW is a mixture of additives, organic and inorganic geological substances and conversion products. FWW is a liquid with a high content of organic matter. No single treatment process can meet the requirements for quality effluent treatment. For this reason, the Industry needs to use a combination of physical, chemical and biological treatments.

The traditional method for FWW processes is a combination of physical, chemical and biological treatment. Physical treatment methods have the disadvantage of high initial investment and sensitivity to inflow. Also, the problem with chemical treatment is the high operating costs and the disposal of residual sludge. Finally, the biochemical treatment is sensitive to incoming organic matter and salt concentration.


Ozone can easily replace biocides and descaling agents that are commonly used in fracking water. With the help of high-end generators such as Absolute Ozone®, the system will remove organic waste and help remove inorganic substances, reducing the amount of wastewater. In addition, ozone treatment for hydraulic fracturing will allow most of the water used in hydraulic fracturing to remain in the well, significantly reducing freshwater consumption and process water consumption.

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