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drinking water disinfection


  • Is the most economical method of water disinfection
  • Is not associated with any harmful illnesses, unlike most chemical disinfectants
  • Suitable for any drinking water disinfection system
  • Is the most effective and fastest reacting disinfectant
  • Injection systems can be easily automated and do not require any supervision
  • Implementation can be easily be monitored, even remotely
  • Implementation does not require any storage facility or specially trained personnel
  • Does not create any residue that has to be rinsed or flited down from the water
  • Is ecologically clean and does not harm the environment


Water contaminated by bacteria is a serious problem. In fact, it is the leading cause of gastroenteritis. In order to reduce waterborne diseases, the use of disinfectants has played a vital role in inactivating microbial pathogens. However, It is unfortunate that almost all chemical disinfectants used in drinking water can produce harmful by-products.

The traditional system often disinfected water with chlorine. However, the chlorinated compounds in the water are toxic and can alter the genetic information of the cells and the level of acid in the blood. In addition, several studies have linked Long-term exposure to high levels of chlorination by-products to an increased risk of cancer. Additionally, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued new guidance for the control of harmful disinfection byproducts (DBPs) like trihalomethane (THM). As a result, more and more people are looking for chemical-free alternatives to disinfectants like ozone.

Ozone for drinking water disinfection

We have seen an increase in the use of ozone as the primary method of drinking water disinfection in both large and small communities. Moreover, several studies proved that ozone is the most efficient disinfectant for inactivating resistant micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses, and protozoa without generating dangerous by-products. Also, improve the removal of natural organic matter (NOM) and is effective for the oxidation and removal of several pesticides.

Surprisingly, Another reason is that ozone disinfection is no longer more expensive. It is considerably more economical than any chemical alternative. due to the development of new generations of highly efficient ozone generators like Absolute Ozone®.

Ozone disinfection cost

We will do all the calculations to offer you the best generator for your application. In addition, we will suggest the necessary accessories and components. One of our studies demonstrated that correctly installed and operated ozone generators could disinfect water for less than $0.03 per m3. Finally, If you have a water disinfection project and would like to know if ozone will work well for you Contact us now. Absolute Ozone® provides unlimited assistance to assure your success

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Home » Ozone Applications » Ozone Drinking Water Treatment » Ozone Drinking Water Disinfection