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One major problem with conventional life support systems in aquariums and zoos is the accumulation of nitrogenous wastes such as ammonia, which is toxic to fish and other aquatic animals. Additionally, conventional systems are prone to bacterial, viral, and fungal infections due to the high density of livestock and organic load. Maintaining consistent water quality parameters, such as pH, temperature, salinity, and other chemical properties can also be a challenge. Finally, traditional disinfection methods may involve the use of harsh chemicals that can be harmful to marine life and the environment. Many of the life support systems in zoos, aquariums, and other tourist attractions employ ozone treatment. Freshwater and seawater can be treated with ozone systems, reducing overall cost and environmental impact. In addition, the implementation of an ozone generator in the system improves water quality and enhances animal health and happiness.
To maintain their water quality, zoos need high-quality water purification and disinfection systems. Nitrogen concentrations, or ammonia concentrations, can also have harmful effects on animals. Closed-circuit aquaculture and aquarium systems usually have high organic loads, and the high density of livestock eventually leads to infections and bacterial, viral, and fungal problems. In addition to clumping and micro-flocculating fine and colloidal solids, Ozonization removes a wide range of harmful substances from water.
Ozone provides an efficient and safe method of disinfection to maintain the health of fish and other aquatic animals. Further, ozonization provides better water quality without producing harmful byproducts or leaving dangerous residues. For instance, the Ozone system treats water without antibiotics and other dangerous chemicals. Also, the dissolved ozone in water reacts rapidly and breaks back down into oxygen without any dangerous byproducts and improving oxygen concentrations in water.
Also, Ozone oxidation enables the reuse of recirculated water, reducing costs and reducing environmental impact. Further, ozone provides a higher standard of environmental control and is safe for marine life inside, and it improves water clarity, which enriches the viewing experience for the public.


An ozone life support system uses ozone, a highly reactive and powerful oxidizing agent, to purify and disinfect water in aquariums and zoos. Here is a basic overview of how an ozone life support system works:

  1. Ozone Generator: The ozone generator produces ozone by passing oxygen through a high-voltage electric discharge. This process converts some of the oxygen molecules into ozone (O3).
  2. Ozone Injection: The ozone is then injected into the water using a venturi injector. The amount of ozone injected into the water is carefully controlled to ensure that the water is effectively treated without harming aquatic life.
  3. Oxidation and Disinfection: As the ozone dissolves in the water, it reacts with contaminants, such as organic matter, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Ozone oxidizes these contaminants, breaking them down into harmless compounds that can be safely removed through filtration or other means.
  4. Residual Ozone Removal: After the ozone has effectively treated the water, any remaining ozone is removed from the water using a degassing unit or activated carbon filter. This ensures that the water is safe for aquatic life.

Overall, an ozone life support system is an effective and safe method for purifying and disinfecting water in aquariums and zoos. It provides many benefits, including reducing costs, minimizing environmental impact, improving water quality, and enhancing the health and happiness of aquatic life.


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