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Make Ozone Laundry Part of Your LEED Building Project


Going green has become fashionable, but like anything else, it is gaining momentum because it makes good business sense.


For businesses like hotels, hospitals, and long term care facilities, gaining LEED certification for a building offers huge PR benefits, but it can also have real operational cost savings. In this mix, Absolute Ozone® laundry energy savings help meet LEED standards and at the same time put money back on your bottom line.


Hotels Are Going Green in Bunches


Anyone who has traveled and stayed in an American hotel in the past ten years has probably encountered ‘green’ programs to reduce laundering or low consumption lighting. Today, we are seeing more stories about hotel buildings qualifying for LEED certification, probably under the new construction and major renovations rating system published by the US Green Building Council.


As part of a LEED project, hoteliers should definitely consider ozone sanitation for the on premise laundry. As we have found out, ozone laundry does reduce energy consumption, which is a key objective of LEED ratings. In addition, a well designed ozone laundry helps reduce chemicals usage (softener), can extend linen life, and produce top quality linen outcomes generally.


New: LEED Standards for Healthcare


In April 2011, the USGBC introduced a rating system for healthcare buildings, either new construction or substantial renovations. The system includes inpatient hospitals and long term care facilities, as well as other health related structures such as clinics, assisted living, offices and research centers.


Ozone laundry is a perfect fit for healthcare because its disinfection capabilities shine in these environments where cross patient infections can be so dangerous. Ozone not only destroys MRSA and other tough microorganisms, it is one of the most effective methods for removing odors and difficult blood and incontinence stains from fabric. Further, ozone laundry helps control costs in healthcare, where public resistance to ever-increasing costs is building.


Ozone Laundry is a Win-Win


Think of the possibilities, Save money while saving money and obtain positive PR. The facts are simply compelling. Ozone laundry systems are part of a superior laundering operation, just considering linen outcomes, but they also save money. This is not a difficult choice.

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