Ozone for Dairy


  • Ozone largely eliminates mycotoxins and pathogens in Dairy products.
  • Ozone does not leave residues.
  • Ozone saves money over a longer period of time than any other alternative.
  • Ozone is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) for use in food processing.
  • lower bacterial levels
  • Safe for the environment
  • Eliminate the manure smell in the barn
  • Improve water quality


The use of ozone dairy has been shown to reduce the cost of sanitation and disinfection in many dairy processing applications such as Hoof Bath, Teat wash and disinfection, Drinking water treatment, Biofilms, surface disinfection, Clean in Place (CIP) system, etc.


Milk is an ideal culture medium for micro-organisms. Also, bacteria in milk can adhere to stainless steel surfaces forming biofilms.
The presence of pathogenic micro-organisms in biofilms is an important health hazard. Also, it is the primary cause of contamination. Moreover, Biofilms are hard to eliminate and they are formed in all the equipment that comes into contact with dairy. For that reason, the industries need a large amount of hot water and chemicals.

Due to ozone’s high oxidation potential, it is very effective at killing bacteria on equipment surfaces (Ozone is superior to chlorides against biofilms). This technology offers an economical solution, safe because it does not require additional chemicals or the use of water to rinse chemical residues from the equipment after treatment.


Further, dairy farms must deal with cow disease. In fact, bovine mastitis is the most common and costly disease in the dairy industry. Besides, traditional antibiotic treatment has a low cure rate and leaves drug residues in the milk, generating significant economic losses for the industry.

Dairy farms have begun to use ozone to treat bovine mastitis. The use of ozone therapy for a short period of exposure is effective for spores and viruses. For example, studies have shown that Ozone treatments achieve 60% recovery in infected cows without the administration of antibiotics. Additionally, ozone is a safe method of treating common bovine diseases because it does not leave antibiotic residues in milk.

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For the past 25 years, the Dairy industry used the Absolute Ozone® technologies successfully in various dairy applications, such as equipment disinfection, bovine disease treatment, odor reduction, and many others.

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