• Ozone is an economical and green solution
  • Ozone removes indoor impurities
  • Ozone eliminates volatile organic compounds
  • Ozone improving indoor air quality.
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Odors from biofuel facilities have a high impact, especially when the project is close to residents. Disagreeable odors are often the cause of complaints from people putting pressure on government authorities, even leading to plant closures. Odor is a natural by-product of the anaerobic digestion process. For this, proper odor management plans are necessary for all the projects. Unfortunately, traditional methods for odor problems such as scrubbers and filters are inefficient and costly to maintain. It is therefore imperative that the industry implement an effective odor control strategy to promote the success of the plant and maintain harmony with local communities. Ozone for biofuel smell remediation is a great solution.

The use of ozone for smell remediation is widespread. Ozone reacts with odor molecules and volatile organic compounds by oxidizing them, this oxidation process produces chemicals with a less offensive smell. The main advantage of the use of ozone is that it rapidly decomposes to oxygen. Thus, it does not leave any dangerous by-products. For example, Industries experienced H2S reduction by the direct injection of ozone in the digester. Thus, effectively reducing the odor generator and lowering the cost for the final biogas cleaning.

Ozone for Biofuel Plants application is an economically effective and environmentally friendly solution however, professionals and engineers must be engaged to ensure safety and positive results for each particular case. Please contact our experienced professionals for free consultation and assistance with your project today.

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