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Ozone for Protein Skimmers

How a Protein Skimmer work.

As part of the life support system (LSS), the Protein Skimmer provides safe, high-quality water, maintaining stable conditions for aquariums, live seafood holdings, and aquaculture operations.

The purpose of protein skimmers or foam fractionators is to remove fine solids and dissolved proteins from water. Protein skimmers remove dissolved particles from a wastewater flow by adsorption of the particle at the gas-liquid surface.

Fractionation filtration is a simple and highly effective process. Through an ozone-resistant venturi injector, tiny bubbles of air and ozone flow into the bottom of the reaction chamber. The organic-laden water to be filtered is introduced at the top of the chamber and exits at the bottom. Thus, this creates a mass mixing effect, with the water travelling cross current to the ozone air mixture.

The concentrated foam that carries the organic molecules is ejected and collected into a waste drain cup while the clean water drains back into the tank via gravity.

ozone for skimmer

The benefit of using ozone for Protein Skimmers

There are many ways in which ozone injection enhances the fractionation process. The oxidizing power of ozone allows it to oxidize a wide range of pathogens, from bacteria to viruses. Crystal-clear water with minimal odours is achieved by using ozone. Additionally, ozone breaks down the structure of larger organic molecules, facilitating their removal through protein skimmer fractionation. Oxygen concentration is dramatically increased by ozone because it is a three-part oxygen molecule. When dosed appropriately, ozone is very safe and essential for pathogen-free aquaculture.

Ozone dosage for Protein Skimmers.

Using ozone effectively requires correcting the dosage of residual ozone injected into water. A lower concentration will not produce any benefit and will be a waste of money. In contrast, an overdose can harm living creatures and generate extra costs in equipment and energy usage. To use ozone effectively and economically, you must first understand how much BOC/COD is in the system. We can help you to calculate the amount of ozone required for the desired reduction in BOC/COD. We will provide you with the best ozone generator and accessories.

Why Should you choose an ABSOLUTE OZONE® System?

When a high-quality ozone generator is installed by reputable manufacturers and installers, it doesn’t necessarily have to cost more money. Unfortunately, some manufacturers may mislead customers with false claims and provide inconsistent information about the amount of ozone produced, concentration, and oxygen usage on their websites. It’s surprising to see that customers are treated as if they’re incapable of making informed decisions when purchasing an ozone generator system. However, with Absolute Ozone®, you can be sure that you’ll receive all the information you need for your project.

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