• Provide Higher Crop Yields and promotes healthier plants
  • Kill Bacteria, Mould, and Powdery Mould Spores. Also, prevent Bud Rot
  • Kill Spider Mites and all other pest insects and destroy their colonies
  • Odor Control
  • Industrial Ozone Generator NANO
  • Industrial Ozone Generator ATLAS
  • Industrial Ozone Generator TITAN
  • Industrial Ozone Generator MAGNUM


The cannabis industry is rapidly growing and evolving, with new technologies and solutions being introduced to help improve efficiency and quality. One such solution is ozone, a powerful oxidizing agent that can be used in various applications throughout the cannabis industry.

Ozone is a powerful oxidant agent. For example, for cannabis sterilization solution, ozone oxidizes harmful bacteria, mold, and spores without changing the properties of cannabis. Ozone gas and ozone aqueous can be used to purify and disinfect water, eliminate odors from grow rooms or treat bugs and bacteria in products. In addition, it can be used for surface sanitization, hemp sterilization solutions and others.

Ozone is a clean technology used to purify cannabis. An industrial ozone generator produces ozone gas by passing oxygen over a high-voltage electrical discharge. This breaks down oxygen molecules into individual atoms, which react with other oxygen molecules to form ozone gas (three oxygen atoms O3). After reacting with cannabis, the ozone gas turns back into oxygen, leaving no chemicals or byproducts.

Surface Sanitation:

Aqueous ozone is an excellent option for surface sanitation in the cannabis industry. Ozonated water is created by adding ozone gas to water, which creates a powerful disinfectant that can kill bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. This method of surface sanitation is particularly effective in the cannabis industry because it is non-toxic and does not leave any harmful residues that could contaminate the product.

Another advantage of ozone in water is its ability to decontaminate cannabis products. As a decontaminant, ozone is 2.5 times more powerful than chlorine bleach and can kill various pathogens commonly found in cannabis. This includes bacteria, mold, and viruses among other contaminants that can cause serious health problems if consumed. Aqueous ozone can be used to clean and disinfect cannabis products at various stages of the production process, including after harvesting, drying, and packaging.

In addition, Ozone gas can be used to ensure that all pathogens are destroyed in a room before starting a new crop or to eliminate pathogens between batches of harvested products.

Cannabis Disinfection:

Cannabis manufacturers need to implement measures to ensure the success of microbial testing so that the product that reaches consumers and patients for medical cannabisis is safe and of high quality. Ozone is an effective disinfectant agent that can be used to ensure the safety and quality of cannabis products.

When ozone gas is used for cannabis disinfection, it penetrates the cell walls of microorganisms and oxidizes their cellular components, leading to their destruction. As a result, ozone gas can effectively eliminate harmful pathogens without leaving any harmful residues or affecting the taste or quality of cannabis products.

Irrigation Water Treatment:

Ensuring cannabis plants receive clean and pure irrigation water is critical to their growth and development. In the cannabis cultivation, reverse osmosis systems are used to ensure that the water used for irrigation is clean, pure, and free of any contaminants that could affect the health and quality of the plants.

Ozone systems can work after the RO system to effectively remove minerals and bacteria from water, making it safe for use in the cultivation of cannabis plants. Using ozone in irrigation and the hydroponic system can also improve the overall quality of the water and increase oxygen levels, which can positively impact the cannabis plant yield.

In addition, Ozone can also help to reduce the formation of biofilms and mineral deposits in irrigation systems. This is because ozone can break down bacteria and minerals such as calcium and magnesium, the ozone water treatment solutions ensure optimal plant growth.

Odor Control:

The strong odor of cannabis plants can be particularly challenging, and traditional methods for neutralizing odor such as carbon filters may not be effective enough in certain situations.

Ozone can be an effective solution for odor control in the industry. It works by breaking down and oxidizing Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are responsible for unpleasant odors, leaving behind only clean and fresh air. Ozone gas can be used in the building’s exhaust system to neutralize odors before they are released outside.

One of the advantages of using ozone is that it can quickly break down into oxygen atoms and destroy organic molecules, leaving behind no residue or byproducts. This makes it a more environmentally-friendly solution than some traditional odor control methods, which may rely on harsh chemicals that can harm the environment.

Another advantage of the ozone generator is that it can be easily integrated into existing odor control systems. Ozone generators can be installed in the building’s HVAC system.


Absolute Ozone® technologies have been designed and developed specifically for the industry. We have worked with leading cannabis cultivators, processors, and manufacturers worldwide for the past 25 years. Absolute Ozone provides them with the best ozone solutions for their operations. Our ozone systems are easy to install, operate, and maintain and provide reliable and consistent results without affecting cannabis quality.

In addition, our ozone systems can also help increase crop yields and promote healthier plants. By eliminating harmful pathogens and pests, your plants can grow stronger and healthier, leading to higher yields and better-quality products.

Absolute Ozone® technologies are also energy-efficient and cost-effective. Our ozone systems use minimal energy and can help reduce water usage and wastage, leading to significant cost savings for your operation.

Moreover, our ozone systems are environmentally friendly, as they do not use harmful chemicals or produce harmful byproducts. Ozone is a natural and safe solution for the cannabis industry that can help improve your products’ quality and safety while promoting sustainability and reducing costs.

Absolute Ozone® technologies offer reliable and cost-effective ozone solutions that are specifically designed for the cannabis industry.

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