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  • Provide Higher Crop Yields and promotes healthier plants
  • Kill Bacteria, Mould, and Powdery Mould Spores. Also, prevent Bud Rot
  • Kill Spider Mites and all other pest insects and destroy their colonies
  • Odor Control


Ozone is a suitable solution for the cannabis industry because it is a powerful oxidant agent. For example, ozone oxidizes harmful bacteria, mold, and spores without changing the properties of cannabis. Ozone gas and ozone aqueous can be used to purify and disinfect water, eliminate odors from grow rooms, or treat bugs and bacteria in products. In addition, it can be used for surface sanitization, Cannabis disinfection, and others.

  • Surface Sanitation:

Ozonate water is great for surface sanitation in rooms, equipment, and even cannabis plants. The cultivation and further processing of the cannabis plant can also use systems and processes used in the food processing industry. Ozone in water for surface sanitation is safe because there are no harmful side effects to humans or plants.

  • Irrigation Water Treatment:

Ozone systems are effective at removing minerals and bacteria from water. In fact, The growth of healthy cannabis plants requires good quality irrigation water. It must be clean, pure, and free of pathogenic bacteria.

  • Odor Control:

The use of ozone in the building’s exhaust system is beneficial, especially in situations where neighbors are nearby. In fact, the use of ozone has proven to be effective at reducing organic odors. (Ozone for odor control)

  • Cannabis Disinfection:

Cannabis manufacturers need to implement measures to ensure the success of microbial testing so that the product that reaches consumers and patients is safe and of high quality. By sanitizing with ozone, the most stringent standards for mold and bacteria can be met.

  • Room Disinfection:

Ozone gas can be used to ensure that all pathogens are destroyed in a room before starting a new crop or to eliminate pathogens between batches of harvested products.


Different industries have been using Absolute Ozone® technologies worldwide for the past 25 years. After that, we ensured the correct concentration and application time to reduce levels of bacterial and fungal contamination without affecting cannabis quality.

Our Absolute Ozone® systems have been delivering excellent results being an economical and effective alternative to traditional methods.

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Home » Ozone Applications » Industrial Ozone Applications » Ozone for Cannabis Industry