ozone for facility and equipment desinfection


  • Ozone is more effective than chlorine in destroying viruses and bacteria.
  • The Ozonation process utilizes a short contact time.
  • The ozone decomposes rapidly, leaving no harmful residues for removal after ozonation.
  • After ozonation, there is no need for additional rinses.
  • The ozone is generated on-site

Ozone for Facility & Equipment Disinfection

Ozone is a powerful tool for facility and equipment disinfection in livestock and poultry management, vital in creating and maintaining a healthy and hygienic environment for the animals.

When ozone is utilized for facility disinfection, its potent oxidizing properties come into action. It can permeate various surfaces, including walls, floors, and equipment, effectively targeting and eradicating multiple microorganisms. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other pathogens within the facility environment are highly susceptible to the oxidizing power of ozone.

The application of ozone for facility disinfection brings numerous advantages. Firstly, ozone acts swiftly and efficiently, neutralizing and eliminating microorganisms upon contact. Its broad-spectrum antimicrobial action ensures the thorough eradication of harmful pathogens, significantly reducing the risk of disease transmission among animals.

One of the notable benefits of ozone is its ability to access hard-to-reach areas that traditional cleaning methods often struggle to address. This product is designed to quickly reach and sanitize hard-to-reach areas, ensuring complete disinfection of the entire facility. This becomes particularly valuable in livestock and poultry environments where pathogens can easily find refuge in even the tiniest spaces.

Furthermore, ozone leaves behind no chemical residue after the disinfection process. In contrast to certain conventional disinfectants, ozone decomposes into oxygen, leaving the environment free from harmful chemical byproducts. This aspect ensures a clean and safe environment for the animals, as they are not exposed to residual chemicals that might pose potential harm.

Using ozone for disinfecting facilities is important for improving biosecurity measures. The risk of disease outbreaks and cross-contamination within the facility is significantly diminished by eliminating pathogens. This contributes to the overall health and well-being of the animals, ultimately resulting in enhanced production and performance.

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