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What is important when selecting an ozone generator for your ALD or similar substrate treatment project?

Ozone for ALD

Some time ago, a Semiconductor manufacturer approached us with a concern. They explained that their current ozone generator was not sufficient for effectively treating their substrate, resulting in a lengthy process and that they require a larger ozone generator. At Absolute Ozone®, we provide free and unlimited support to all our clients for their applications so to better understand the issue, we asked the customer two questions: How big is their ozone generator? and what type of ozone generator do they use? We were surprised to learn that they had a 30 g/h ozone generator and were interested in purchasing a 60 g/h generator. Additionally, their ozone concentration was only 3%wt, and their reaction chamber had a volume of only 1 litre.

«Choosing the right ozone generator: a key decision»»

In the ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) application industry, the individuals involved typically possess a good understanding of the subject matter. Our task is to simply draw their attention to the root cause of their issue, which lies in the amount of ozone that can be present in their reaction chamber at any given time. The key point to note is that the greater the amount of ozone, the faster their reaction can proceed. With a concentration of 3%wt. (which is equivalent to 43.3 g/Nm3), they can only have 0.0433g of ozone inside their chamber at any given moment (obtained by dividing 43.3 g by 1000 liters). However, by utilizing an ozone generator capable of producing ozone at 15%wt. (225.4 g/Nm3), they can achieve a concentration of approximately 0.225 g inside their reaction chamber, which is five times greater than before.

Atlas 30C Industrial Ozone Generators for ALD

Generally, ozone reaction is linear. So, increasing the concentration can decrease the exposure time and still get the same effect. In conclusion, simply choosing a high-performance 30 g/h ozone generator such as the Absolute Ozone® Atlas 30C, which can reach concentrations of ~16%wt, can speed up the process five times. Moreover, suppose they use a small buffer accumulator tank. In that case, they can inject ozone into their reaction chamber instantly, and due to such a fast reaction time, their vacuum pump will have to work five times less.

With such a difference in speed or reaction and effectiveness of the process due to ozone concentration, unfortunately, we are still seeing many clients that buy ozone generators that are unsuitable for ALD applications. In reality, it offers only 3-5% instead of an advertised 8- 12%wt. (please make sure that the manufacturer provides you with an actual generator performance chart and guaranties the ozone concentration) and waste their time and money. At the same time, at Absolute Ozone®, we are always happy to assist clients with questions regarding their ozone application and assist with ozone generator sizing or selection.

«Absolute Ozone®: Leading the way in ozone generator technology.»

Absolute Ozone® provides a 5-year warranty for all ozone generators, ensuring customer satisfaction. Our models are compact and lightweight, enabling cost-effective shipping and installation globally. What sets Absolute Ozone® apart is the exceptional quality and high-performance output of our ozone generators, which incorporate sanitary components for ultra-pure ozone generation. With a defect rate of less than 3 per thousand, our generators are built to deliver reliable performance for over 20 years without the need for service or spare parts. We take pride in being one of the only ozone manufacturers to offer a guarantee on ozone production. Moreover, our customers receive unparalleled technical support at no additional cost, reinforcing our commitment to their success.

Atlas UHC Industrial Ozone Generators for ALD

If you are currently facing challenges with your substrate treatment process, we encourage you to take a closer look at the ozone generator you are using. Ensuring that the ozone concentration and generator size are appropriate for your application is essential. Don’t waste your time and money with unsuitable ozone generators that can lead to ineffective processes.

Contact us at Absolute Ozone® today for assistance with ozone generator sizing and selection, and take advantage of our free and unlimited technical support.

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Misha Shifrin Application Engineer

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