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  • Ozone is less expensive than RCA cleaning techniques.
  • Ozone is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution suitable for advanced wafer cleaning.
  • Reduction of water consumption
  • Elimination of expensive chemical products


Wafer wet cleaning processes are becoming increasingly important in semiconductor manufacturing as wafer structures become more complex. Indeed, Absolute Ozone® has developed reliable and effective systems that make semiconductor ozone & ALD an attractive alternative to wet cleaning and photoresist removal methods.

Ozone/water cleaning processes are less expensive and more environmentally benign than RCA cleaning techniques. Ozone is no longer merely of scientific interest in semiconductor applications; it can provide practical benefits in wafer and IC manufacturing processes.

Ozone in semiconductor cleaning applications is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution suitable for advanced wafer cleaning. Some of the advantages of ozone are the reduction of water consumption and the elimination of expensive chemical products. Also, the industry can use ozonized water for photoresist stripping and for eliminating metal and particulate contamination.


  1. HIGH CONCENTRATION OZONE – Absolute Ozone offers the best performing ozone generators on the world market today (up to 22%/by weight) at a fraction of the cost of the competition. In fact, the higher the concentration of ozone injected, the faster the reaction time and the faster the response time for treatment and production.
  2.  AIR-COOLED OZONE – Most ozone generators on the market today in the high concentration output range operate using water cooling technology. Water-cooling is generally not maintenance-friendly and requires scrubbing and regular cleaning to maintain the performance specified by the manufacturer. At Absolute Ozone, we have developed an efficient and more economical way of seamlessly delivering high ozone concentration using air-cooling technology that is verifiably more cost-effective than water-cooling.
  3. 5-YEAR PERFORMANCE WARRANTY – Unlike the others, at Absolute Ozone, we guarantee our product performance. It has become common practice not to support claims about product performance. At Absolute Ozone, we take a more transparent approach. Indeed, we backed with a clear performance chart for customer reference, we created a product that works well. We will refund your money if an ozone generator we send you is not performing as specified. That’s the Absolute Ozone 5-year guarantee.
  4. CUSTOM PRESSURE OPTIONS AVAILABLE – We have worked closely with many semiconductors, IC, and ALD process clients, and we have learned over the years that there indeed may be a standard in the industry. As product requirements can vary from project to project. At Absolute Ozone, we remove the stress of tailoring your project around the product. If required and upon request, we can offer a product with custom pressure settings that will work best for you or your client based on your existing system and parameters.

Absolute Ozone® will be happy to help you. Absolute Ozone® is offering a unique 5-year performance warranty.

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Home » Ozone Applications » Laboratory & Semiconductor » Ozone for Semiconductor & ALD