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Cooling Dilemma: Unveiling the True Costs of Water-Cooled Ozone Generators

At Absolute Ozone®, we continually seek answers to critical questions to enhance our products and meet our customers’ needs. One recurring query is: “Can we create a water-cooled version of our ozone generator to address high temperatures in operational environments?”

We are open to developing a water-cooled ozone generator, provided it offers distinct advantages such as improved efficiency or specific applications where water cooling outperforms conventional air conditioning.

However, pivotal considerations have led us to refrain from producing such a version for ozone generators smaller than 1-5 kg/h. The primary reason lies in the cost-effectiveness ratio. It is far more economical and practical to cool generators of this size using conventional air conditioning systems—readily available and cost-effective—than opting for expensive water conditioning systems.

The additional costs associated with installing a water system, including sediment and mineral removal and the need for refrigeration in warmer climates, pose significant challenges. Moreover, potential condensation and expensive repair issues, necessitating qualified technicians, make the water option less appealing from an economical and practical standpoint.

It’s crucial to note that a water conditioning system is seldom featured alongside an ozone generator in catalogues. Manufacturers or distributors might present this component as an additional cost post-initial sale, which can be an unwelcome surprise for customers. When comparing the total installed prices of both systems, the water option becomes notably more expensive.

In summary, our decision is rooted in the cost-effectiveness and practicality of the solution. The efficiency and accessibility of conventional air conditioning systems compared to the challenges and additional costs associated with water cooling are pivotal factors. We are committed to transparency and honesty in our offerings to ensure customer satisfaction.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or comments. We appreciate your interest and look forward to continually improving to meet your needs and expectations. Thank you!

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Misha Shifrin Application Engineer

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