Ultra Pure Ozone


  • Lower costs.
  • Higher concentration.
  • Reliable, and effective.
  • Industrial Ozone Generator NANO
  • Industrial Ozone Generator ATLAS
  • Industrial Ozone Generator TITAN
  • Industrial Ozone Generator MAGNUM


Many advanced applications make use of high-purity ozone. The microelectronics industry, for example, uses ultra-pure ozone to grow thin films. Absolute Ozone® ozone generators can support this and many other applications by producing high purity ozone with lower oxygen consumption. Absolute Ozone® generators have provided ultrapure ozone for various advanced applications worldwide.

Why Absolute Ultra Pure Ozone?

It is a fact that Absolute Ozone® leads the most advanced improvements in ozone technology. With more than 25 years of experience and continuous improvements, we can prove that our ozone generators are the most reliable and best-performing in the world. Absolute Ozone® generators have unrivaled performance. We convert oxygen up to 350 g / Nm3 with ozone concentrations of up to 12% by weight.

Please provide us with detailed information. E.g. Where exactly do you plan to use ozone in your project, what ozone production is needed, and the required concentration. You will receive a formal quote based on your requirements, calculated ozone generator size, and budget considerations. We will provide you with the most dependable and effective ozone systems. Also, we provide tremendous savings in operating expenses, as Absolute Ozone® generators do not require any repair or service maintenance for the first 20 years.

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