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Absolute Ozone® History

Atlas rackAbsolute Systems Inc. has a significant experience in R&D, industrial mechanical and electronic design, motion and process control systems fabrication, robotics, high-tech, high precision systems fabrication, and assembly.

Since 1995 developed and produced a whole range of high-efficiency ozone generators under the trade name Absolute Ozone. The Absolute Ozone® Atlas Series ozone generator was developed and added to the production line in 2004 based on proprietary Microfluidic platform technology.

The Nano, Atlas, Titan, and Magnum Ozone Generators have been successfully working all over the world. For example, in Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, England, Italy, Greece, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Thailand, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Columbia, Holland, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Indonesia, and many others.


Our first projects

Since 1985, Absolute system inc has been involved in important projects, To name just a few:

  • Canada Arm Inertia Testing Device in weightlessness for Wardrop Engineering and Spar.
  • High-Efficiency CO2 laser manufacturing.
  • Development and fabrication of 45 feet-long 4-axis CNC system. In addition, fabrication of CNC XYZ- tables for PC board drilling and sign-making applications
  • Design and Fabrication of computer-controlled laser scanning systems.
  • Manufactured 4 unique vacuum coating machines for internal 8” dia – 22’ long pipe coating for Sherritt Gordon Ethylene cracking application.
  • Designed and fabricated internal gun barrel coating systems for US Navy; designed and manufactured Gyro stabilized platforms for helicopter surveying.
  • Design and fabricated 1400 feet long, material handling facilities for Oil Field Sucker Rod Plant, including fabrication of storage reels, automated material transport system, automated hydraulic sorting machines
  • Design Automated External Pipe Coating System for National Oilwell.
  • Fabricated numerous electromechanical sensors and electro-optical instruments.
  • Designed and Fabricated Automated Gamma-Ray Densitometers for particle board manufacturers in Canada, Germany, Finland, and Portugal.
  • Manufactured magnetron plasma reaction chambers for various applications.
  • Designed and Fabrication a variety of highly specialized electrical and electronic enclosures.

Financially, the above projects range from a few hundred to up to $2 million.

We work diligently on any project irrespective of its size, striving to understand clients’ needs and satisfy any requirements. In addition, Our management staff has an engineering background and hands-on practical experience in mechanical and electronic fabricating.

Realizing the challenges of the modern market, we keep our prices competitive and the timing of orders comfortable for our clients. You should benefit from the use of our expertise, we will be happy to provide our services to you.

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