Residential 12 Second Ozone Generator

Bacteria outbreaks and redundant use of pesticides - contaminate food that otherwise would be fit to eat. Conventional rinsing with your home faucet's water will not eliminate bacteria either.

Installing the Absolute Ozone® 12 Second Ozone Generator on your faucet water connection will eliminate bacteria, engulf pesticides and remove odors, keeping your food fresh and ensuring the safety of your home, restaurant or business.

Advantages of using the Absolute Ozone® Residential 12 Second Ozone Generator:

Destroy Bacteria

Ozone succesfully kills bacteria on food and surfaces. Disinfect and sanitize your food, home and business.

Remove Pesticides

Ozone can exterminate the chemical makeup of the pesticides to completely eliminate them from the fruits and vegetables that you eat.

Remove Odors

Ozone breaks down and eliminates odors.

You can apply ozone to smoking odors, pet odors etc.

Product Functions


Engulf and Destroy Bacteria

Wash your meats, hands, dishes, baby bottles and toys with ozonated water. Mop the floor and wash clothing with ozonated water and completely eliminate harmful bacteria.  Ensure a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

Remove Pesticides

Tap water alone will not remove pesticides. Rinse your food in ozonated water to remove pesticides from the surface of fruits and vegetables. Sanitizes hard-to-wash fruits such as grapes and strawberries.

Remove Odors

Ozone can be used to clean your pets and remove odors and bugs on your pets. You can brush teeth, wash your face, and shower with ozonated water.

Keep Food Fresh

Extends the life span of fruits, vegetables, meat, and flowers by 2-3 times.

How it works:

The EOI Dissolved Ozone Development Kit (DODK) supports quick start development and evaluation of EOI's ultra-compact ozone technology. The programmable evaluation system includes a freestanding ozone generator and application software allowing the user to explore a range of dissolved ozone concentrations at various flow rates.


System components can be easily converted to a variety of form factors and production-ready designs when development work is complete, significantly reducing total time to market.


EOI’s proprietary Active Diamond Electrolytic Process Technology (ADEPTTM) in the DODK creates dissolved ozone (also called activated oxygen) on demand. The flow-through ozone generator requires no ozone charging time, enabling many new applications where immediacy, compactness, and safety are important.

Developers can get to market quickly with ozone-based products, replacing harsh chemical sanitizers and deodorizers with a safe and effective water-based alternative.

- Kills 99.9% or more of bacteria and common viruses, destroys common organic odors*


- Safer, more environmentally friendly, and more powerful than chlorine


- Ozone is approved for use on organic foods


Ozone performance varies with concentrations, temperatures, water impurities and time.




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